Ghorbh Launches Product Line to Spread the SelfHelp Message

After speaking with the graduating class of 2016 from South Charleston High School, Pittsburgh and Morgantown Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Walker of Frank Walker Law, partners with Co-Founder and noted Airline Pilot, Michael Howard Jr, to launch the Ghorbh product line. The products will be reasonably priced to help share the message of Get Hungry [...]

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Excerpt from the Ghorbh Graduation Speech at South Charleston High School

...So, to the students who have it all figured out, know what they are going to do, maybe this message isn’t for you. But to the person who is sitting there, like I did over twenty years ago, terrified because you know what you want to do, but you don’t know how to get there, [...]

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Why GHORBH? What Does it Mean?

Everyone asks, “What is GHORBH? What Does it mean?” It’s simple: Get Hungry or Be Hungry. The Mantra is based on commencement speech our co-founder Frank Walker, gave in 2016 at South Charleston High School in Charleston, West Virginia. Check out the speech here…

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Welcome to Ghorbh!

Welcome to our Website! We are excited about the Launch and look forward to sharing our vision and mantra with the World! — In Life, you really only have two choices: Get Hungry or Be Hungry. Choose Wisely. #GHORBH Shop Now at

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